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I've had the pleasure to use The Pet Guardian's service and can say that these people really care about animals. They go far and beyond petsitting and are an absolute blessing to have when you're away and want to leave your animals at home and safe and comfortable. We know how hard it is to board animals and how badly it can affect them and how much easier for everyone it is to have someone you can trust to treat your beloved pets the way "YOU" would.....I Highly highly recommend these wonderful people!!
Amy Stabile - Las Vegas , Nv.

I have used the Pet Guardian for over a year now and must say that my cat and I are very pleased with the services.  I never worry now when I travel as I know that my "baby" will receive the best of care........so personal and loving.  Thanks Pet Guardian...........YOU'RE THE BEST.  Max and S. Brady

Donna and Kyle are simply the BEST petsitters in town.  They are very professional, very knowledgeable and great with my animals.  I NEVER WORRY when the Pet Guardian is looking after my pets!!  Can't tell you how many times they have been able to look after my pets on very little notice.  They make it possible to me to enjoy my hobbies and travels away from home.  I wouldn't leave my animals with just anybody!!  THANK YOU for many years of outstanding service.   Jeff and Jeri Muntis.

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