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Feel guilty that your dog is sitting at home alone all day long?
Want your pup to have some furry friends of his own and get some exercise too?
Let us spoil your pooch in your abscence with a nice dog walk!

  • 20-30 Minute dog walk
  • Freshen water (and food when applicable)
  • Playtime and lots of love
  • We leave a note after each walk with the details of our visit
  • Medication
  • Administer Fluids (Trained by a Veterinary Technician)

The Sleepover

Need a pet sitter to stay overnight? Have one of our pet sitters stay in your home with your pet.
It's up to you! Sleepovers include 12-hour overnight care with your pet sitter.
We book up fast, so please call well in advance.

The Stopover

If your pet does not require sleepover care, but needs some love and affection because you're working late or just can't get home, we offer a stopover visit.
We're happy to stop by and walk, feed, and/or play with your pet. Have a rabbit or hamster that needs fresh carrots or a clean cage?
Have a fish that needs to be fed or a hermit crab that needs to be misted?
We've taken care of them all and would love to take care of your special friend too!

Concierge Service

For our snowbird or traveling clients, we offer a monthly fee on a contract basis.
This includes any of our services and will be provided at a schedule of your choice.
Call us for pricing.


Don't have time? Let us do it for you.
We'll transport your pet to their local appointments for grooming, boarding, training and/or veterinarian.


Are you on your way out the door and you just realized you are running low on supplies for your loyal companion?
Let us take care of that for you. With enough notice, we're happy to pick up your pet's needs for you at one of the local pet stores or vets here in town.
Call us and we'll deliver it at our next scheduled visit.


Need to travel, but don't have a pet? The Pet Guardian can help you here too! Visits can be made to your home to make sure things are as they should be.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • watering plants
  • gathering mail & packages
  • winding your grandfather clock
  • crank your car
  • flush the toilet
  • change the lighting
  • open/close the curtains
  • make sure there is food in your fridge when you return(as a special request)

We provide many of these services to our pet sitting clients and are happy to provide them to you too!


We are at your service 365 days per year.

Click here for a list of holidays observed in the United States


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